Diane Boorman

The Why (My Story)

My purpose is to inspire, motivate and educate business owners to not just work IN their business but to also work ON their business.

Together we work on your business in order to grow and become highly successful. We are growing daily with international clients.

At age 40 I retired, moved provinces and had time to work out what my next step would be. I realised I had so many examples of how to build a lucrative business as well as a gift of finding opportunities where others see the glass empty.

To build up credibility, I became involved in local businesses, which soon spread to national businesses and grew from there. I now work with hand picked 200 business owners globally.

We enhance these businesses by adding practical business knowledge while pushing comfort zones and building confidence daily.

As my clients, the business owners, grew, so did my offerings. This allowed me to step into helping the 7 and 8 digit turnover businesses to work from a strategic viewpoint. Being an impartial board member has allowed the CEO to grow, to bounce ideas and consider all angles for growth before presenting to their team.

I developed the Diamond Plan™, where business owners can build the architecture for business growth.

This plan is an annual programme for 7 and 8 figure businesses – “impartial board member and strategic adviser” while building confidence and pushing comfort zones.

The Diamond Plan™ Business Bootcamp is a 9 month programme to create clarity, consistency, pushing the comfort zones using a curriculum to become conscious about business for better and improved business decisions that facilitate and cause growth.

The Diamond Academy™ is the online portal I provide to business owners where they can access the Diamond Plan™ Business Bootcamp programme and Alumni.

When it comes to funding clients, I am always looking to collaborate and find the correct funding/opportunity for my over 100 SMMEs to grow exponentially. The Diamond Den™ an online platform gives time back to YOU the busy investor and business owner. We take the menial tasks out of your day to day life in business, by streamlining a process to help business owners jump in growth and Investors find the right investment opportunity.

Keynote speaker for building your business architecture for growth was added during 2020 and I spoke over 4 continents to 1million people.

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