Diamond Resilience Retreat

Are you feeling drained?
Is it time for a brain breather?
Need help sparking some “out-of-the-box” thinking?

8-11 May 2024

Thought Leadership, INTEGRATED with…
Cognitive Flexibility, Emotional Agility, and Future-fit
Self-management techniques create inexplicable
and transformative MAGIC.
A transformative Retreat specifically crafted for you
and 9 others, beneath the warm hues of the yellow
and orange African winter sun. Four days of
dedicated time for fresh, personal resilience, and
business insights, coupled with relaxation and
‘restoration time.’
Pop-up Kruger Untamed… a high-end luxury hotel,
where you will be amazed by stargazing in the open
expanse of beauty; enjoy African safari bush drives
and bush cycles.

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