CEO Retreat

Are you feeling drained?
Is it time for a brain breather?
Need help sparking some “out-of-the-box” thinking?

We have noticed that many CEO’s & EXCO Members are already feeling drained, and devoid of dynamism!

We understand that the demands of leadership can be all-consuming, leaving little time for personal resilience PLUS the mental, emotional and physical energy to drive strategic business initiatives.

Where and when do YOU step back?

Are YOU taking time to think laterally?

It’s time to give your brain a breather… to ‘reboot’ and ignite that wonderful ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking! This is best done in nature… where you can put your devices ‘away’ (well, for at least ‘some of the day’).

We have reserved the exquisite Kruger Untamed Hotel. This is an exclusive, high-end luxury Pop-Up Hotel in a river bed.

Nature has a profound impact on our cognitive abilities.

Research has shown that spending time in natural environments can enhance creativity, problem-solving, and lateral thinking.

This unique experience is limited to 12 CEO’s.

We have crafted 4 ½ days with experiences to provide the mental space necessary for a personal ‘reboot’, plus techniques to ‘rejuvenate’. The days are designed to rethink business where to and why, what legacy is left behind, but more importantly what impact are you currently making – are you standing out as a leader or are you leaving a message?

8th May 2024 to Sunday, 11th May 2024.


Includes: accommodation, all meals, Experts, fire side chats with a sport celebrity, all activities and most drinks, except premium drinks which are available from a cash bar.
Excludes: flights to get to venue and any Visas if needed

Please contact us if you are keen to join!
We will send a courier delivery gift on confirmation of your spot in our CEO Retreat.
Cannot wait to welcome you, and facilitate this amazing opportunity of growth, renewed focus & clarity!

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Brand Analytics
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Joni Peddie
Resilient People
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